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Dollar Street

Dollar Street is an interactive site created by Anna Rosling Rönnlund at Gapminder to help viewers see how people live throughout the world. The site contains over 30,000 photos of homes, common household items, and families from 50 countries. Users can filter their search by item and country.


Echoes and Reflections

Echoes and Reflections is a site created to for helping students learn about the Holocaust. It offers lesson plans and professional development opportunities as well as print and digital resources. The content is based on state and national standards and connects to social studies, language arts, and the humanities.



Polyup offers fun and challenging online math games that promotes critical thinking. The games are sorted according to grade level: 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. How-to resources (tutorias, users manual) are under the Teacher tab.



Semantris is part of Google’s Artificial Intelligence project that offers a couple of word association games that might be fun for you and the students: Arcade is a fast-paced game in which you’re given a list of words. One of the words in the list is highlighted. The user is asked to type a word associated […]


Talk to Books

Talk to Books is another one of Google’s AI experiments. All that you need to do is to type a question into the search box. In return you’ll get a list of passages from books with a possible response to your question in bold. Over 100,000 books are searched.


Games for Change: Spent

Spent is an online game that helps students realize the struggles of living in the real world with minimal resources. The game provides a series of scenarios for which students have to make choices. The player starts out with $1,000 which is supposed to cover expenses for one month. The amount changes based on decisions […]


Young Scientist Lab

Young Scientist Lab is a site created in partnership by 3M, Science Olympiad, and Discovery Education. It contains a variety of activities aimed to support K-8 science education. Included are interactive activities, lesson plans, student activities, and a video gallery. It also includes “Science at Work” in which various people working in the field of […]

Read More... is an online clearinghouse of resources for U.S. history teachers developed by Stanford University and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.   The site offers links to quality historical content, lesson plans, teaching strategies, and guides to working with primary sources.  It also offers images, videos, audio files, and suggestions […]


Robert Kaplinsky

Robert Kaplinsky is a math specialist who trains and works with K-12 math teachers.  His website offers real-world problems that help make students think about math.  It also contains resources about questioning and DOK.  Be sure to sign up for his weekly newsletter.



iCivics was founded by Sandra Day O’Connor to promote civics education in schools.  iCivics has a variety of engaging interactive tools, games and print materials to help students learn about the workings of our government.  The resources are created by former educators and are used by over 110,000 teachers.