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Dollar Street

Dollar Street is an interactive site created by Anna Rosling Rönnlund at Gapminder to help viewers see how people live throughout the world. The site contains over 30,000 photos of homes, common household items, and families from 50 countries. Users can filter their search by item and country.


Games for Change: Spent

Spent is an online game that helps students realize the struggles of living in the real world with minimal resources. The game provides a series of scenarios for which students have to make choices. The player starts out with $1,000 which is supposed to cover expenses for one month. The amount changes based on decisions […]

Read More... is an online clearinghouse of resources for U.S. history teachers developed by Stanford University and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.   The site offers links to quality historical content, lesson plans, teaching strategies, and guides to working with primary sources.  It also offers images, videos, audio files, and suggestions […]



iCivics was founded by Sandra Day O’Connor to promote civics education in schools.  iCivics has a variety of engaging interactive tools, games and print materials to help students learn about the workings of our government.  The resources are created by former educators and are used by over 110,000 teachers.

Read More... is an educational site appropriate for grades K-12,  produced by ETV in South Carolina.  It contains interactive sites, videos, images, audio files and more that are easily searchable by grade level and subject.  The site also offers Collections and resources for teachers.



Gapminder is an interactive website that provides facts and statistics related to global development.  The information is displayed visually through a scatterplot.  Users can choose up to three indicators to display.  The Gapminder site also contains classroom resources and lesson plans for teachers.



Listenwise is a site designed to bring current events into the classroom.  The site contains podcasts from a wide variety of public radio shows.  The podcasts were chosen for their relevance to the middle and high school curriculum.  They are also engaging for students to listen to.  Included with the podcasts are lesson plans, listening guides, […]


Data USA

Data USA is a site that allows viewers to easily collect census data of the US Government.  Data can be searched and is presented in a way that makes it easy to read and understand.  There also some subcategories of data that can be accessed through the links on the left sidebar.


TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing is the TED site created for education.  It contains an extensive library of short, engaging videos and lesson plans covering a wide array of topics.   Teachers can create their own lessons related to the videos using tools available on the site.


Smithsonian Learning Lab

Smithsonian Learning Lab is a portal for accessing the digitized resources available from the Smithsonian museums.  It contains over a million images, recordings and texts, which are all easily searchable.  In addition to their own primary source sets, the Smithsonian Learning Lab allows teachers to create their own collections of resources.  Teachers can also set […]