22Frames – a collection of videos with captions

Arkive – Videos and images of plants and animals

Check123 – more than 20,000 curated videos rated and organized by subject

ClassHook – find clips from movies and TV shows – search by subject

Clip Syndicate – videos from television stations, the Associated Press, and other media producers

CNN Student News – click on the VIDEO link on the menu bar to get to the page with the videos (videos start with a very short commercial)

Discovery Channel – video clips related to science, technology, the news and more

Documentary Addict – over 5,000 online documentaries

Documentary Heaven – over 1,600 videos available across the Internet categorized by subject

Documentary Storm – a collection of free educational videos organized by categories

Documentary Tube – a catalog of full-length documentaries available through the Internet

DocumentaryZ – hundreds of documentaries organized by category

ESL Basics – videos designed to help learn the English language

Explore – Videos that document leaders around the world who selflessly work for extraordinary causes – click on the Education link on the top for lesson plan ideas.

FedFlix – a collection of videos from a variety of government agencies

Folkstreams – Videos related American folk or root cultures

FreeDocumentaries – a collection of free educational documentaries organized by categories and topics

Free Documentary TV – over 1,700 free documentaries

History Channel – a collection of searchable history related videos

HowStuffWorks – thousands of videos that explain how things work

The Kid Should See This – over 4,500 interesting videos on a variety of topics

Kids Know It – a small collection of educational videos for elementary students

KidsTube – a collection of videos appropriate for kids

LangMedia Culture Talk – features video clips of interviews and discussions with people from many different countries, ages and cultures

Math A Tube – a collection of teacher and student made videos organized by topic

Math TV – math videos organized by topic

MIT + K12 – a collection of educational videos for students in grades K-12 created by MIT students

neok12 – a collection of science, math, social studies and ELA videos for students in grades K – 12

Next Vista – a collection of videos in three categories:  videos that introduce you to different topics; videos that describe how people live in different communities around the world; and videos about people who make other peoples’ lives better.

Open Vault from WGBH – a collection of over 42,000 audiovideo resources produced by the public television and radio station WGBH

PBS Video – a collection of full-length videos on a variety of topics

RSA Videos – a collection of videos on a wide variety of topics and big ideas

SchoolTube – a collection of teacher and student made videos

Snag Films – a collection of videos and documentaries on a variety of topics

Snag Learning – a collection of over 2,000 documentaries appropriate for middle school students and up

Sprdword – a unique collection of non-traditional documentaries

TeacherTube – a collection of instructional videos

TED-Ed – a collection of short educational videos on a variety of topics; lesson plans included

Top Documentary Films – Over 1,800 documentaries available on the Internet categorized by topic and subject

USGS Multimedia Gallery – maintained by the U.S. Department of the Interior

Veritasium – a collection of science videos

Vimeo – a searchable collection of thousands of videos on a variety or topics

Vsauce – a YouTube Channel with videos on a variety of educational topics

WatchKnowLearn – free educational videos for K-12 students

The Wild Classroom – a collection of science-related videos

Wired Videos – videos related to science and technology by Wired magazine

YouTube: Database of YouTube Channels for Education – channels by subject area, maintained by Monica Martinez

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