Aesop’s Fables Interactive Book

Aesop’s Fables Interactive Book is an interactive book of over 140 of Aesop’s Fables that can be accessed through a web browser or through an iPad and Android app.  The collection of fables is made available through the Library of Congress and is adapted from “The Aesop for Children: with Pictures by Milo Winter,” published by Rand, McNally & Co in 1919.   Some of the original images included in Winter’s book have been animated or made interactive.

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  1. Cyndi B. says:

    When I need to leave a quick lesson for a sub, I usually just pull out random fairy tales for the students to work on to act out by the end of class. By using this site, all children can access the actual story, complete with illustrations (which could help them with staging), that they then can act out for a class project.

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