If It Were My Home

If It Were My Home is an easy-to-use site that compares life in another country to life here.  It also allows you to compare life in two different countries.  To compare your life to life in another country, just click on the country name from the list provided on the home page.    To compare life in two other countries, click on one of the countries from the list on the home page, then click on the “Compare [country] to other countries” link to choose the second country.  In addition to the comparisons, the site also provides information about each country.  Just a heads up, the site also displays unfiltered comments, some of which might not be appropriate for younger students.

2 Responses to “If It Were My Home”

  1. Laura Dulian says:

    Create website! I am totally going to be using this in 6th grade next year.

    • nanci says:

      I’m glad that you’re finding some useful sites. If you have any like this that you think I should add to this blog, please feel free to send them my way. I will gladly give you credit 🙂

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