Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education

Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education is a TED talk given by Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy.  In his talk, Khan talks about “Flip” or “Reverse” teaching, in which teachers assign the video of a lesson for homework, then in class the next day answers questions about the video and allows students to work on what we currently consider to be homework.  One of the advantages of teaching this way is that students can pause the video and go back (or even watch the video several times) for greater understanding.  Another advantage is that the teacher is present and can answer questions while students are working on the activity that would normally be done at home.  In this video, Khan also talks about some of the new data tracking capabilities that have been built into the Khan Academy.  What I like most about this video is that it shows a good use of technology in actually transforming the way we teach.  (20:27)

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  1. Amy Kedzior says:

    This video really made me wish I had access to immediate resources such as Kahn Academy as I was growing up. This guy is a great public speaker, both intelligent and funny, which made his concept easy to grasp and had me wanting to make use of it. If not in the classroom, then for my own personal education. Thanks for sharing Nanci!

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