What Should I When I’m Done?

Here are links to sites that offer online puzzles and games for challenging you and your students:

BrainBashers is a site with thousands of puzzles, riddles, games, brain teasers and more.  In addition, it features a Fun Fact and an Odd Word of the day.    BrainBashers is developed by Kevin Stone, who lives in England, has an IQ of 150, and has always enjoyed puzzles.  He created the site to support his belief that daily mental exercise helps develop children’s brains.  If you click on the “Are You a Teacher?” link in the right sidebar, you’re taken to Teacher Information page that has, among other resources, a link to BrainBashers for Schools, which can be used with a whole class.

Brain Boosters is part of Discovery Education’s wonderful website.  The challenges are organized by the type of thinking skill:  Categorization, Lateral Thinking, Logic, Number and Math Play, Reasoning, Spatial Awareness and Word and Letter Play.

Daily Dose of the Web offers several links to sites with critical-thinking activities. Included are brain teasers, challenging questions, math problems, daily birthdays, quotations and vocabulary words geared for all grade levels and subjects.  The sites on the “Question of the Day” page are especially popular.

Funbrain offers interactive activities in which students learn while having fun. The games are designed to teach math, spelling and grammar. Descriptions of each game are included. Games and activities are categorized by age and topic.

Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection is a collection of online logic games that can be played by a single player.  These are the kinds of games that will challenge even your brightest students.  They are easy to learn but not necessarily easy to master.

Smart Kit offers a variety of game, puzzles and brain teasers for students of all ages.  The activities range from games for drill and practice to challenging word puzzles.  In addition to online puzzles, there are also puzzles that can be downloaded and printed.

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