Tiered Curriculum Project

The Tiered Curriculum Project is a part of the Indiana Department of Education website.  It contains examples of tiered lessons from grades K – 12 in the areas of Language Arts, Science and Math.  The lessons were created by three professors from Ball State University — one of them, Cheryll Adams, is the Director of the Center for Gifted Studies and Talent Development at Ball State.  The lessons are organized by grade level,  subject area, and by whether or not they are differentiated by readiness, interest or learning style.

Each lesson is based on a specific standard and contains a key concept, some background information, and suggestions for tiering based on content, process or product.  The lessons are well-written and easy to follow.

My only criticism of this site is that you have to click on each subject area to find out the topic of the lessons.  It would have been more helpful if they listed the topic instead of just “Language Arts, Science, Math”.  However, the quality of the lessons make it worth the work.  I wish there were more lessons available.

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