Smithsonian Education – Lesson Plans

Smithsonian Education – Lesson Plans is a site that contains inquiry-based lesson plans in a variety of grade levels and subject areas.  The Lesson Plans site is part of a larger educational site created by The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies.  The site is very nicely organized.  You can search for lesson plans by clicking on the subject links on the top of the left sidebar, or you can search by keyword by entering a topic in the “Keyword” search box.  (You can narrow your Keyword search by Subject and Grade level by using the drop down boxes.)

The lesson plans offered on this Smithsonian Education site are high quality and use primary sources along with materials from the Smithsonian Museum.  There are lesson plans for grades K-12 in all subject areas.  Each plan has a link from which you can download all the materials you need for the lesson.  Some of the plans include examples created by students.  My only objection to this site is that they use a very small sized font, so it’s hard for us more matures teachers to read without “cheaters”.  Younger teachers should have no problem reading the site.

This is definitely a site worth looking at!

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