Daily Dose of the Web

Daily Dose of the Web offers many quick, criticial-thinking activities that can be used to start the day. Included are brain teasers, challenging questions, math problems, daily birthdays, quotations and vocabulary words geared for all grade levels and subjects.

4 Responses to “Daily Dose of the Web”

  1. Liz O'Connor says:

    Great site! Julie and I really liked the Question of the Day. Perfect activities for transition times with any age group. We liked the Analogy of the Day.

  2. Susanne Stankoskey says:

    The Question of the Day is unbelievable! I cannot wait to show my students tomorrow! I really liked the daily questions that I can use, especially in math, when the students are walking in. Thank you so much for your expertise!

  3. Joni Kotche says:

    Used the Quizzes on the Question of the Day site. Unfortunately, some of the graphics could not been seen so will have to check it out at home!! But a great site!!

  4. nanci says:

    This seems to be a popular site. I’ll be interested to hear how it works with students. Joni, I couldn’t find the page with the missing graphics. If you can let me know what page that is, I can see if I can get the graphics to show up.

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