Photo Prompts

Photo Prompts is a site that can be used to support creative writing.  The site offers many different writing starters that include a picture and a writing prompt.  These can be used or altered to use with students of all ages, and in different subject areas.  If you click on the “i” icon on the top of the page, you can search through the images by subject.  If you click on the “Archives” link, you can see thumbnails of the images on the site.

2 Responses to “Photo Prompts”

  1. This site is great! I am always trying to think of creative writing prompts to get students excited for writing. I love how the prompt goes along with a picture, this is great for inspiring descriptive writing. I definitely plan on using this in future writing lessons. I also will use this resource for early finishers, they can work on one of these prompts while everyone is finishing their assignment.

    • nanci says:

      I also like how the prompt goes along with the picture. I’m looking forward to hearing how it worked with your students.

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