Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong

Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong is one of my favorite TED videos.  In this video, composer and conductor Eric Whitacre shows how he used the Internet to create a virtual choir of over 2,000 singers from around the world to produce a recording of one of his compositions.  This video shows the power of the Internet in bringing people together to produce something really amazing.  (14:35)

2 Responses to “Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong”

  1. Karma says:

    I have seen this video before and just love his concept! I am looking forward to seeing his next project.

  2. Lauryn Motto says:

    A couple years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Whitacre at a music conference. In just a few minutes of talking, I could tell that not only was he an extraordinary laid back person but one full of creative and inspiring ideas. Throughout my career, I have performed many of Eric Whitacre’s compositions, each one unique and so beautiful. After hearing about and watching how he created a virtual choir of 2,000, I was completely blown away. This is so incredible! It amazes me how he was able to take voices from around the world to fill every voice part and every section of the piece. This truly shows just how advanced technology is and all of the incredible possibilities there are to discover. This video alone brought together people from all different areas of the world. This is such an amazing and incredible concept.

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