Interest and Learning Style Surveys

When differentiating lessons and units, if teachers know the interests and learning styles of their students, they can structure activities that speak to those styles and interests.  It’s also important for students to know their own strengths and interests.  These surveys / questionnaires may be helpful tools for you and your students to determine strengths and interests:

Abiator’s Online Learning Styles Inventory Test 1 is an online tool to help determine  learning style preference.  What I like about this tool is that in addition to telling you what kind of learner you are, it provides links to strategies for maximizing your learning potential.  This is a nice, student-friendly tool.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire is an online tool to help determine learning preferences based on four domains:  active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal, and sequential/global.  The results are immediately displayed on the screen after clicking on the “Submit” button.

VARK Questinnaire is another online tool designed to help support students learning.  There are directions on the site for administering the questionnaire.  I thought the questions on this site were more challenging than on some of the others that I listed, so this may be better used with older students.  The results are immediate and scores are given for each of the four modes of learning:  visual, auditory, written, and kinesthetic.

One thing I found interesting was the different kinds of questions each of the tools asked.  While not practical, it would be interesting to complete each of these to see how the results compare.

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