The Lexile Framework for Reading

The Lexile Framework for Reading is a great site for matching books to students’ reading levels.  Both the ISAT and MAP tests give students their Lexile scores.  Teachers can use The Lexile Framework for Reading site and students’ Lexile scores to find materials on a topic at a variety of reading levels.  In the upper right corner of the site is a search box, through which you can search for a book by title or author.  If you click on the “Advanced Search” link, you can also search by keyword.  Results list the books available in the Lexile Database along with their Lexile score, summary, number of pages, and recommended age levels.

To determine the Lexile level of material that is not in the Lexile Database, you can use the Lexile Analyzer that is available through this site.  To find the Analyzer, click on the “Tools” link towards the top of the page, then on “Lexile Analyzer”.  You need to register to use the Analyzer, but there is no fee.  To use the Analyzer, you need to have the text available in a .txt file.  This can be done by copying and pasting text into Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).  There are directions for preparing the text for measurement on the site.  Once you submit your .txt document, you immediately get the Lexile score of the text.  The Lexile Analyzer is a great tool for helping teachers find materials at a variety of different reading levels.

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